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Galaxy Web Services is an independent company. We set out in the year 2005 to our clients in the Graphic design is the process of communicating visually using text and/or images to present information, or promote a message. Graphic design practice embraces a range of cognitive and aesthetic skills and crafts, including print, image development and page layout. Graphic design is applied in communication design and fine art. Like other forms of communication, graphic design often refers to both the process (designing) by which the communication is created, and the products (designs) such as creative solutions, imagery and multimedia compositions.

Web designing is an aptitude to convert your visions into reality with the superior designs created by our skilled designers. We cover the diverse aspects of web design services in an exceptional manner by utilizing the creativity of the designer which forms the core of a website.

Brand corporate identity design and corporate identity graphic design is an essential element for any company. Our goal is to create a unique and effective corporate identity logo / banner/ web template image that will represent your organization through Graphic Design.

We have been providing essential elements of corporate identity to our clients across India, USA, UK and Canada. These are graphic design for sites, which includes business cards, brochures, catalogs, letterhead, flyers, envelops, package design, posters, stickers & even CD Jackets of corporate presentations.

Visual representation of an idea or concept. The term is used as a collective name for all activities relating to visual design, including graphic web design, logo design etc.

We provide the services from India with great client care efforts. Get your free quotation or contact at: sales at and info at for Graphic Design.